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leonie gregorians

Oh, hi! 

fancy meeting you here.

Big fan of your work, come on in. I'm Leonie, a 33 year old creative, lover of terrible puns, and sometimes star baker on the weekends. 


After graduating from the University of Leeds in 2012 with a BA in New Media, I took a wander through the world of retail management for 5 years before finding my creative footing again in the world of e-commerce and marketing in 2018. 

In my most recent role at teapigs I did everything from copywriting to content creation, to hosting virtual and live events. I specialise in creating fun and informative copy and content - no jargon, no nonsense.

And for my next performance, I'm looking to double down on creating great brand experiences to really engage your customers, through whatever media is needed.

working with me

Leonie has been an incredible member of the teapigs team, always enthusiastic and keen to get stuck in regardless of the task. She’s transferred through several roles and responsibilities as a result of sticking her hand up whenever there’s a need. Because of this, Leonie has gained invaluable experience in various areas of the business and has a more complete perspective than most. Consumer service, operations, people management, events, marketing, copywriting, content creation, social media… she’s done the lot.

Reece Downey

Head of E-Commerce | teapigs


my portfolio

Want to see past examples of my work?  Now you can! 


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The wonders of the internet never cease...

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